Flo’s Life List

It’s interesting how people cope with change. On one hand, some bury themselves in projects as a way of embracing said change, whilst others (such as myself) take a little time to adjust to the new and at times daunting situation we find ourselves in. I wasn’t exactly sure how I would react to the final week of Undergraduate classes, but, to put it simply: I freaked out.

We all freak out from time to time, some of us (and by “us” I mean “I”) more frequently than others, and as a direct result of our freak-out, we implement a course of action that will inevitably protect us from what posed the threat in the first place. For me, this is my graduation.

Whilst I still have a good month left until I’m a fledgling graduate, my mind has gone into premature meltdown, and has resulted in the birth of what I like to call the “Life List”. The Life List quite simply is a list of objectives that I have set myself for the coming years, and is a revision to the well-known Five Year Plan. As the list is still in its infancy, the below collection is just an example of what has thus far been included:

1. Things to buy: a cat, studio flat, gaming computer, large rucksack.
2. Learn to speak French.
3. Get a henna tattoo of the Assassin’s Creed symbol.
4. Take classes in contemporary dance.
5. Contribute to The James Hogg Society.
6. Translate A Midsummer Night’s Dream into Scots.
7. Create my own pieces of theatre.
8. Write a novel.
9. Make my own bread and house (not necessarily at the same time.)
10. Live in the countryside.

Lists are so reassuring. They act as a template for what remains a possibility, and they give us a clearer understanding of what we want (what we really, really want.) Due to my education, I have lived my life as a goal-oriented individual, and this is most likely why the prospect of the Great Unknown has triggered panic. However, perhaps the prospect of not knowing what comes next is one of the reasons why graduation is such an exciting time for young adults. So far I have really enjoyed putting this list together, and can wholeheartedly recommend the Life List as being a great starting point for current students and graduates alike. Go on, embrace the Life List!

If nothing else, the above list gives me a feel for where I see myself in a few years’ time. Based on what’s already there, I’d say there’s a strong possibility that I’ll be a Mad Cat Lady before hitting 30. Here’s hoping, anyway…

So go on, write your own Life List. Now is the time to embrace your love for stamp collecting, cooking, or even bondage (if that’s what strikes your fancy.) If you’re feeling particularly reckless, you could even start completing some of the objectives – who says you need an incentive to get started.

Until we meet again!



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